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The Terms and Conditions outline your access to and use of Intiri's platform for interior design and decoration ("Platform"). By accessing and being visible on the Platform, you agree to abide by these Terms and Policies. Please read carefully before utilizing the Platform.
Intiri is a collaborative platform for interior design and decoration, providing interior designers, architects, or interior stylists with a tool for dialogue and interaction with customers. We make advisory services available through a digital platform and one-on-one interactions with designers. Digital mood boards present products from our partners.
Interior designers/architects/stylists affiliated with Intiri are required to meet with customers after booking appointments and ensure a pleasant and secure experience with Intiri. Our advisors should listen to customer needs and desires. Consultations take place either digitally or through home visits if agreed upon.
Users on are to always use the website in a manner consistent with Intiri's terms, guidelines, as well as applicable laws and regulations in accordance with Norwegian law.
Writing, uploading images, or behaving in any way that is false, discriminatory, racist, or infringing upon others' rights is not permitted.
Using the platform/website in a way that disrupts or compromises the functionality or security systems of the platform is prohibited.
The platform and website may contain content with intellectual and material rights.

You understand and agree that the use of our service or website cannot be used to distribute or copy parts of our website or the entire website.

As a user of the Intiri platform, you are obliged to provide accurate information about yourself and others you may be acting on behalf of, particularly when creating a user account. You must ensure that such information is correct, accurate, and complete at all times.
In cases of suspected violation of guidelines and terms while using our platform, Intiri has the right to suspend you from current and future use of our website. This includes account deletion.
By creating a user profile on, you accept that we may obtain, use, and store information about you from third parties and public records to verify the information you provide to us or to gather additional information relevant to your use of the platform.
You are responsible for all activities associated with your user account. Do not share passwords and other user information with others. If you suspect that others have access to your password or user login, you must notify Intiri as soon as possible,
Intiri has the right to send you relevant information or notifications to your registered phone number or email in our systems.
Registering a user profile under a name that is not your own is prohibited. This includes a name that could be confused with someone else's name or trademark, or a name that is offensive.
Images uploaded on must not violate the current terms and guidelines. You are responsible for ensuring that the content you upload to is legal and relevant to the purpose of the service.
All images and other material uploaded to are owned by Intiri AS, and Intiri may use images and content for marketing and other purposes. may contain links to third-party websites or services. Intiri is not responsible for the content or control of these links. We have no liability or direct or indirect responsibility for any damage or loss incurred from using such content, whether material or immaterial.
All services on the platform must be booked and paid for through and Stripe as the payment service.
All service payments must be made through
By using, you consent to the use of cookies we utilize.
Intiri is not responsible for any damage to materials before, during, or after the performed service, neither directly nor indirectly. Intiri is not liable for any loss of profit or other losses and costs that may arise in connection with the use of the website and our services.
Intiri shall be held harmless and indemnified from any claims/disputes against us by third parties arising from your use of the website/platform.
Images that advisors upload and share on with customers must not be in any form racist, offensive, bullying, pornographic, or in violation of marketing laws.
Right of Withdrawal: When you book a designer/architect/stylist on and proceed to make the payment via Stripe, you simultaneously confirm that you wish to book the service and acknowledge that the service commences immediately with your prior consent. Please note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to service agreements if delivery has begun with the consumer's explicit prior consent, and the consumer acknowledges that the right of withdrawal will be lost when the trader has fulfilled their obligations under the agreement, according to Consumer Rights Act § 22 letter c. You initiate the service by making the payment. However, if you wish to file a complaint about the service after it has been performed, please send an email to, and we will assist you.